New Podcast - Smart Infection Control Systems

In many areas, the corona pandemic has demonstrated how digitisation in our everyday lives can support us through critical times. As in our daily lives, this crisis poses questions of our medical system, including whether and to what extent digitisation in medicine can help to relieve strain on the system. In the latest episode of our podcasts, Johanna Bowman spoke with Prof. Simone Scheithauer and Prof. Dagmar Krefting from the University Medical Centre, Göttingen. Prof. Scheithauer is head of the Institute for Hospital Hygiene and Infectiology and Prof. Krefting heads the Institute for Medical Informatics there. In the podcast, they describe their everyday work, which has changed considerably since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. They elaborate on how their research can be used to network medical data in order to limit the pandemic and what role the Medical Informatics Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany plays in this as well as why they also see the crisis as an opportunity. The development of the software SmICS ("Smart Infection Control System") is central to this vision, which enables the visualisation and analysis of patient, pathogen and movement data in real time, in order to quickly recognise infections in hospitals, old people's homes and other health care facilities and to thereby prevent further infections in the future. SmICS was developed in HiGHmed and is available to other university hospitals".