HiGHmed Certificate

Education, especially its completion, is an achievement, and achievement deserves appreciation. With the HiGHmed certificates, we are establishing a long-term verification and validation procedure for the acquisition of competencies in designing digitised medicine. The HiGHmed teaching modules will serve as the building blocks for certificates covering various subject areas. Currently, the first HiGHmed certificate is being piloted; further certificates in specialised areas and of differing lengths will be successively developed.

HiGHmed offers a programme that is intended to provide for all people who wish to deal more intensively with new medical informatics developments. The HiGHmed certificate will provide those people, who complete the necessary modules, with proof of the acquisition of sound knowledge and skills in the areas of "Digitisation of the Health Care System" or "Medical Informatics".

At first, the HiGHmed certificate in "Data Management in Health Care" will confirm knowledge in the field of digitalised medical documentation and data use. This first certificate focuses on citizen-centred medical information management, which, among other things, treats patient-generated data as a new strategy for data generation. As the acquired data should be used reliably for research and care, the methodological knowledge for this is also imparted within the framework of the certificate. Finally, the certificate addresses modern tools for such data management, especially for decision support in medical care. Module issuers for the pilot certificate are those at the locations of G├Âttingen, Hannover and Heidelberg.