Sources of Medical Knowledge

Use the innovative services from ZB MED

Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne and ZB MED - Information Center for Life Sciences

The Faculty of Medicine of Cologne University joined the HiGHmed consortium late in 2018. The faculty is part of a strategic plan to optimize scientific literature and data availability to researchers in Germany and abroad by the German Central Library of Medicine, which is also situated in Cologne and linked to the Faculty of Medicine in many ways. HiGHmed partners in Cologne will develop a blended learning module on how to use the modernized facilities and services of the German National Library of Medicine (ZB MED).

Target Group: The module is designed as an elective module for several types of students and health professionals. It is primarily aimed at students of medicine, medical professionals and physicians in postgraduate training or continuing medical education. It is also open to other students in the field of medical care and people working in medical care who meet the entry requirements.

Learning Objectives: The digital module will explain the set-up of the library and its services in the context of up to date knowledge finding. It will be a bridge to practical courses in Cologne for persons who want to get deep hands-on experience. These elements will be linked with curricular elements in the HiGHmed approach, which describe more details of literature and data management in modern medical research and patient care.

Embedding: The library in Cologne is in an annual exchange with the National Library of Medicine in Washington regarding the latest developments in the field of information exchange in medicine. This important collaboration and exchange guarantees that the Cologne modules will also deal with the most recent developments in publishing and the reliable and evaluable presentation of results.