Marketing and Public Relations

Promotion of the curricular recognition of the HiGHmed digital teaching modules

A target group-oriented and professionally designed marketing strategy is indispensable for advertising the innovative e-learning modules. This is the reason why the HiGHmed teaching team founded the working group Marketing. The following goals were defined and reflected in a marketing strategy:

Due to the wide range of the continuing education topics and the different backgrounds of the employees within the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII), a high degree of individualization is necessary, so that interested person can select topics that are tailored to their current challenges and their previous knowledge.

In some years, the main result of HiGHmed teaching will be a variety of mostly digital teaching modules in the field of medical informatics, which can be used across curricula and regardless of location. They will meet high demands on training and continuing education due to the new possibilities offered by digitalization in medicine and the results of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII).

Team (alph.): Carolin Klembt, Alexander Whillier