New Podcast (Season 3 Episode 1) Out Now

As the world continues to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, the education field is increasingly recognising the need for highly integrated digitised education and e-learning in all areas. In the field of medicine this is particularly key in the fight against future pandemics, but such modernisation is not always easy. Our podcasts address just these kinds of difficulties.

In the latest episode of our podcast, Katja Weber spoke with Prof. Ursula Hübner, from the Hochschule Hannover, and Prof. Claudia Müller, from the University of Siegen and the Kalaidos Fachhochschule in Switzerland, about the opportunities and difficulties found in the field of Digital Nursing. Prof. Hübner is a researcher addressing questions of technology-based management solutions in patient care and health facilities. Prof. Müller is focused on the social implications of digitisation.

Season 3 of the podcasts is available now (in German) -