HiGHmed Summer School 2019 continues – First workshop for women took place in Hannover

On May 25, a total of 15 female physicians, scientists and students met at Hannover Medical School for the first workshop on "self-presentation and rhetoric" in the context of the HiGHmed Summer School 2019. Dr. Sylvia Lorenz communicated the topic of self-presentation in professional contexts and mediated forms of a suitable appearance at congresses, scientific conferences and in committees. Topics of the workshop included communication models, body language, goal formulation, small talk (for example at congresses), elevator pitch and feedback culture. It was a very interesting and educational day for all participants!

On May 29th, the second episode of the podcast „Digitalisierung der Medizin“ titled „Gleichstellung – Auch ein Thema für die Digitalisierung der Medizin?" has been published. In this episode, Dr. Bärbel Miemietz and Ina Isabell Pidun from the equal opportunity office of Hannover Medical School talk with podcaster Katrin Rönicke about their project DigimedfF (Digitale Zukunft der Medizin für Frauen). The two researchers consider the digitisation of medicine from the perspective of gender equality. Among other things, they want to find out which competences are needed due to the digitisation of medicine and if these need to be gender-specifically taught. In the first step of their project, they examine whether and how well physicians and medical students are currently prepared for the digital transformation.