New Module Machine Learning For Mobile Health

New Course in Würzburg

The HiGHmed consortium – made up of renowned German medical institutes – empowers aspiring leaders of the healthcare field of tomorrow, by promoting digital literacy and supporting digital integration across all fields of allied health. To achieve this, HiGHmed is developing HiGHmeducation – an innovative training framework for teaching health informatics and data science skills to physicians, nurses and other staff from all fields of allied health. Multiple newly established online courses are already underway, right across our various academic partner sites. These online courses can be taken individually and we will soon be offering an integrated vocational training programme, which will allow participants to earn HiGHmed professional certificates in e-health.

The institute for clinical epidemiology and biometry presents its new module Machine Learning for Mobile Health which covers topics such as artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning and mobile health. Prof. Rüdiger Pryss aims to strengthen the bridge between medicine and computer science students. No prior knowledge is required, students will learn the concepts of mobile health and machine learning from scratch. Regular questionnaires and exercises will help students to examine the theory gained from lectures. Students will also learn the basics of programming in Python using packages such as pandas, scikit and matplotlib. Lectures will start in the first week of November in 2020. More information about the new module can be found here.