Semantic Analyses of Medical Data Models - New Course in Münster

New Course in Münster

The HiGHmed consortium – made up of renowned German medical institutes – empowers aspiring leaders of the healthcare field of tomorrow, by promoting digital literacy and supporting digital integration across all fields of allied health. To achieve this, HiGHmed is developing HiGHmeducation – an innovative training framework for teaching health informatics and data science skills to physicians, nurses and other staff from all fields of allied health. Multiple newly established online courses are already underway, right across our various academic partner sites. These online courses can be taken individually and we will soon be offering an integrated vocational training programme, which will allow participants to earn HiGHmed professional certificates in e-health.

As part of HiGHmed's joint teaching and training programme, the Institute of Medical Informatics at the University of Münster has established the e-learning module entitled “Semantic Analyses of Medical Data Models”. The module covers aspects of semantic data integration in health care.

Missing semantic annotations and heterogeneous data definitions impede cross-institutional data integration both for research and routine care applications. This module teaches various methods, for both harmonized data capture and semantic analyses, that facilitate cross-site data integration and analysis.

Participants of this module will develop practical skills for semantic analyses and the generation of common data elements in different disease domains. The module covers the concepts of syntactic and semantic interoperability standards, such as CDISC ODM, openEHR, HL-7 FHIR and ISO 11179. In addition, practical skills will be acquired for using medical terminology systems, such as SNOMED CT, Unified Medical Language System and medical coding principles. Based on the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) guiding principles for scientific data management, the participants will become familiar with a metadata platform for finding, accessing, creating interoperable and reusable medical data models to generate harmonised data elements.

The course begins and ends each summer semester and will be available to students and employees of the academic partners and the other institutions involved in the HiGHmed project. If you want to participate in our course, please send an e-mail to

First posted 12.05.2020, 12:00:00.