WinHaCS – Women in Health and Computer Sciences: HiGHmed Summer School 2019 concludes with workshop and podcast

A workshop held in Braunschweig and a new episode of the podcasts „Digitalisierung der Medizin“ marked the end of HiGHmed‘s 2019 Summer School „Women in Health and Computer Science“. Eight participants from both health and computer science backgrounds met on September 14th at the TU Braunschweig to work on aspects of „Work in teams and leadership qualities“. Lead by coach Karin Leven, inspiring insights and methods were explored and discussed, training the group of ambitious women for the challenge of leading teams in the interdisciplinary field of Medical Informatics.

The latest episode of the HiGHmed podcasts features host Katrin Rönicke interviewing two successful women about the challenges of “Healthcare Startups”: Stephanie Birkner is the only Professor in Germany explicitly researching “female entrepreneurship” and Eva Schobert is a physician-turned-entrepreneur who co-founded the company behind the “Herodikus” app. The mobile application enables creation and distribution of personalized rehabilitation and training plans for patients suffering from knee or back pain, or depression.

The 2019 WinHaCS Summer School finishes with 3 workshops held and a total of 5 podcast episodes published. Feedback has been highly positive and chances are that the podcast will be continued in the future.