Summer School

In order to attract more women as specialists and managers to the digital healthcare system, HiGHmed is specifically developing offers for young female academics. From May to September 2019, various workshops by women for women will take place and interviews with several women scientists and experts will be published as podcasts.
Please note: Podcast and workshops are in German language.

Workshops for Women: Competency Acquisition

The workshops impart competences for a successful shaping of the professional career. Workshop 1 takes up the topic of self-presentation in professional contexts and conveys forms of a suitable appearance at congresses, scientific conferences and in committees. Workshop 2 deals with teamwork and leadership qualities. Professions in the IT sector are strongly team-oriented and require close cooperation from all participants. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the principles of teamwork, but also to find and reflect on one's own leadership style. Workshop 3 will focus on successful negotiation strategies. A good negotiating position promotes further career options, often results in better salary options and can demand a family-friendly management style. Thus lead to more appreciation for family tasks and more support from superiors and colleagues.

Workshop 1: Self-presentation and rhetoric
When: 25.05.2019 - Where: Hannover Medical School

Workshop 2: Successful negotiation strategies
When: 10.08.2019 - Where: Hochschule Hannover

Workshop 3: Work in teams and leadership qualities
When: 14.09.2019 - Where: TU Braunschweig

Dr. Marianne Behrends (1), Andrea Essenwanger (2) , Ina Hoffmann (1), Carolin Klembt (3), Joana Warnecke (1), Marie-Louise Witte (4)
(1) Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics of TU Braunschweig and Hannover Medical School, (2) Berlin Institute of Health (BIH), (3) Medical Center of the University of Göttingen, (4) Hochschule Hannover