To the HiGHmed Teaching and Training Programme for Medical Informatics

Within HiGHmed, our academic and private partners have brought excellence in their respective fields together to develop innovative e-learning modules in medical informatics. The HiGHmed consortium brings together teams and individuals with outstanding competencies in the teaching and training of medical informatics. The programme is initially aimed at students and employees of the institutions which are involved in the HiGHmed project. Depending on the modules, the material is structured to cater to Bachelor’s or Master’s level students or students at beginner's or advanced levels within the department of the respective modules.

The digitisation of the medical field and the development and use of new information technologies creates new and exciting fields of activity, such as data stewardship. In order to ensure the qualified handling of medical care and research data, new learning modules need to be implemented. Already today, in the pursuit of further education for medical professionals and health management personnel, training in the handling of data-driven research methods and in linking information technology and medicine is of great importance.

Digital skills are fast becoming a core competency in modern medicine. This demand for digital skills will only continue to grow, as the various scientific, journalistic and funding communities call for increased rigor in data management and analysis. The HiGHmed consortium has specifically developed this programme to address this need for increased education and training for various disciplines in the health care sector.